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The Siddha System of medicine is considered to be the oldest traditional treatment system of the world. The Siddha system can be seen to have deep influences even flourished during the period of Indus Valley Civilization. Palm Leaf Manuscripts says that the Siddha System of medicine was first taught by Lord Shiva to his wife Goddess Parvathy. Goddess Parvathy in turn passed on all these knowledge to her son Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga then taught Siddha Medicine to his favourite disciple Sage Agasthya. It was from Agasthya and his disciples, the 18 Siddhars, the great wisdom of Siddha spread to what it is today.

The word Siddha means a perfected being or thing and comes from the word Siddhi which means an object to be attained perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha’s by tradition focused on achieving the "Ashtamahasiddhi" the eight supernatural power. Those who attained or achieved the above said powers are known as Siddhars. There were 18 important siddhars and it was through them this system of medicine  spread. Hence, it is called Siddha Medicine.

The Siddhars wrote their knowledge on palm leaf manuscripts, volumes of which were found in different parts of South India. It is believed that some families may possess large volumes of such manuscripts, but they keep them solely for their own use. Traditional Siddha families has preserved many popular texts for their practices and is widely available for use. Many has been translated, but over the years errors have crept in which makes such translations either unusable and equally dangerous. In spite of which the original manuscripts are still available for deeper study and practice. This huge reservoir of wisdom awaits its exploration and Deva Vidya Traditional Gurukula system is such and initiative.

Today Siddha medicine is taught through universities and also practiced by traditional physicians as well as university trained doctors. Unfortunately university teachings have lost the sacredness that was conceived the Siddhars by modern education systems by dilution, flexibility and ignorance. Till very recent times Siddha medicine was taught in a Gurukula system, from master to disciples, at the masters residence or clinic and took many years of dedicated practice to be able to practice alone. Most of the authentic manuscripts are still held by many families and are not available to the general public. Those manuscripts that has been donated has been misinterpreted and misrepresented many times causing many difficulties to the student, practitioner and the patient.

Deva Vidya was established in the earlier nineties, as a Traditional Gurukula System,  under the eminent leadership of Sri Prem Nath. Prem Nath, hailing from a Siddha family of famous physicians, followed the footsteps of his grandfather, Late Sri Narayanan Vaidyar and started practicing traditional siddha medicine and marma therapies. He uses his large collection of manuscripts for advancing and spreading the Siddhar wisdom to all.

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