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Deva Vidya Siddha Gurukulam is a private foundation, aimed at bringing together the wisdom of Traditional Siddha Medicine to the modern world with the help of well experienced and knowledgeable Traditional Siddha Physicians.

Details of Management and Department

Prem Nath. R

Director & Chief Consultant

Prem Nath is the Founder & Chief Consultant of Deva Vidya. He started learning Siddhavaidyam, kayakalpa treatments, Ayurveda and kalarippayattu since his childhood from his ancestors. He follows the traditional martial art forms of his ancestors.

He has learned and is practicing the secrete therapy method called “Panchaprana sudhi” which can remove pre-mature senility / deformities arising from bad life style, heredity or from accidents.

Over the years he has developed a unique treatment style , blending Siddha Vaidyam with Kayakalpa techniques, yoga and Kalari and has since cured a lot of bed ridden patients and restored health to many during his many years of practice. His huge collection of palm leaf manuscripts about Siddha Vaidyam, Ayurveda, Kalarippayattu, Yoga Vidya, Vasthusasthra, Tantra and Astrology are being translated to English and is being used for teaching.

Our Leading Departments are -

Pothu Maruthwam

Marma Care Centre

Kayakalpa Department

Prana Yoga Centre

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