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Our vast library of Siddha texts are being translated into English and Malayalam languages to assist the students in every possible way to entrain an endless journey of Siddha Medicine study. Here we Endeavour to give you start, a better start, with the aid of traditional knowledge and modern communication technology in an online course on Traditional Gurukula Siddha Medicine course.

This 3 year online course is a 300 Credit Points (Cp) course, composed of, a 120 point basic core component combined with one diploma and one advanced diploma courses, 60 points each and finally a resident training programmed of 60 cp


Students enrolling for programmes through Online Mode Experience an exhilarating and engaging learning experience that provides a host of student - faculty interaction tools including:

E-Books :

The E-Book collection is an online library that includes hundreds of electronic textbooks. In many classes, selected readings are compiled from a variety of texts

Chat :
The student can use this tool to interact with the faculty by exchanging written messages in real-time for which both partners should log on to the Virtual Campus at pre-determined.

E-mail :
The learner can use this tool to send mails to the faculty and fellow batch - mates by entering their messages.

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You can stay connected with your classmates and learning team members from course to course, and even after you earn your degree. Join us on LinkedIn®, Facebook™, MySpace®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and Ning® and become a part of the Deva Vidya online Community.

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