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Applied Siidha Marma [ASM]

The vulnerable spots are the life giving spots of human body. According to the 'SidhaVaidyam', which is a Dravidian science of medicine, in human body there are 108 vulnerable spots and 51 anti vulnerable spots. If any injury occurs in the vulnerable spots, then we will have loss of consciousness, fatigue and convulsions. Those who lose consciousness like these we can bring them back to the original state by knocking the anti-vulnerable spots (Adangal). If we don't do this they may die or may become handicapped.

Marma chikilsa is also a complete naturalistic healing system to rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxic imbalances to restore resistance and good health in the highly stressful environment of modern times. Our Chief Consultant is an expert in Marma treatments. He has a huge collection of palm leaf manuscripts about Marma Chikitsa. He used to teach this only to those disciples who are noble and trust worthy.

Course Name

Applied Siddha Marmam (ASM)

Duration: 6 Months

History and Fundamental Principles of Siddha Marmam.

108 Marmas and Adangal Sasthras ( Anti Vital Point Theory)

Marma Nadi Sasthra

Medicine and Treatments.

Prognosis of Marma Problems and Remedy


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